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What is coaching?

Coaching is all about helping you towards success in both your private and business life. It gives you the opportunity to spend quality time addressing what you feel and think needs to be addressed – and then helps you put your solutions into action. It is about looking at the present and the future rather than peering into the past.

As your coach, I create a non-judgmental, confidential and supportive environment in which you can spend some uninterrupted time on issues.

Often, you'll find that this process recharges your energy batteries.

It works because it is an effective, ongoing collaborative partnership that focuses totally on the results YOU want, helping you discover and clarify YOUR goals and successfully translate your ideas into action.

Working with me you can achieve extraordinary results in your life, moving from where you are today to where you really want to be FASTER and MORE EASILY; you are able to develop new resourcefulness and discover creative solutions that are right for YOU. By combining action and learning you create effective change and transition. read more

How Does Coaching Work?

My three main objectives in a coaching session are:

  1. to help you better understand and be more aware of your issue
  2. to help you draw up plans for a positive outcome
  3. and to support you in carrying through those plans.

I coach either face-to-face or over the telephone. E-mail, letters or Instant Messaging are not effective because they send only limited information. If I am to help open up your thinking, it's essential that I am aware of all the messages you send out – not just what you say. read more

My Coaching Method

I work with individuals and groups helping them to discover how to keep their energy up and their thinking clear.

Combine high quality thinking, high energy and knowing what you want, and you have

The Buzz for LIFE

which will enhance and change your life for ever.

The results are formidable. People achieve goals more easily when their thinking is of the highest quality and when their energy levels are at their peak. Teams are more productive, meetings and conferences far more effective. read more

Benefits of Coaching

Coaching delivers many benefits:

  • improved performance
  • clearer and improved quality of thinking
  • faster personal development
  • better relationships and
  • high energy levels

read more about the benefits!

Getting Started

Call or e-mail me to see the benefits you could get from coaching, and to book your free introductory session with me:

Call on (44) 07802 464 100 or e-mail me: alan@thebuzzforlife.com


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