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There are many benefits that come from being coached. They often build on each other, indeed, realising a particular benefit can make the you ready to gain another.

Because of the way I coach – in fact from just choosing to be coached – you start to get the benefits straight away. This is because, as I said in What is Coaching, you get some quality time to focus on issues. This raises awareness and gives a greater understanding of what is going on.

These are the first steps towards resolving issues.

Clarity about where you are goes hand in hand with resolving where you want to be. This in turn leads to developing creative plans on how you are going to get there. As I take you through these steps the benefits accrue to you throughout the journey.

Just to list the benefits that can accrue to you from coaching would be stretching your beliefs and patience, and so I have taken a lot of the ones I know and put them into a digestible form. The best way to find out the benefits is to try the coaching approach to your issues.

Improved Performance

Clearer and Improved Quality of Thinking

Faster Personal Development

Better Relationships and Interpersonal Benefits

High Energy Levels


  • By clearly identifying objectives and how you will achieve them
  • By defining in detail what blocks your progress, and finding creative strategies to overcome obstacles
  • By enabling you to identify the skills that need to be developed to enhance performance
  • By clearly identifying the reality of external and internal situations and through this appropriate courses of action
  • By engendering an atmosphere of creativity in addressing issues
  • By identifying goals which are in accord with your values and the organisation
  • By facilitating the resolution of interpersonal issues which are hindering and blocking progress
  • By providing an different environment where you can look at issues from new or creative angles


  • By regularly being in an atmosphere which is non-judgemental and supportive, you feel able to let the mind go free and explore all of your thoughts
  • By asking open-ended questions, I lubricate your thinking and the mind provides new, creative and powerful alternative thoughts and options towards resolving issues
  • By taking pressure and competition out of the equation, I encourage freedom of thought, especially in areas or options which hitherto might be considered stupid or which might have attracted criticism. It is often these areas that provide the most fruitful arenas for solutions or ways forward
  • By raising awareness of the realities of a situation and by helping to remove untrue assumptions, I help you move from negative thinking to develop a positive mental attitude. This has a virtuous circle effect on your thinking and improves your energy


  • By focussing undivided attention on what you need you can clarify your objectives and goals and, through examining the options available, create a route to achieving them
  • By having a supportive and non-judgemental person as a sounding board, people can explore their ideas very effectively. Left to ourselves, we are often our own worst critics. Marshalling your ideas and thoughts into a pattern that is coherent for you gives you a sense of control and organisation, enabling you to apply your thoughts more productively
  • By providing you with a safe environment, I enable you to examine and understand your feelings and emotions – converting IQ to EQ – helping you to move forward appropriately and effectively. This has the added benefit of releasing the energy previously poured into unproductive feelings and emotions. It can now be spent on appropriate and intelligent emotional responses

    Coaching can help you deal Effectively and Succesfully with Change and Transition

  • By providing clarity and a 'fixed point' in a turbulent world
  • By generating practical options and highly relevant action plans
  • By helping you regain meaning and structure and restore a sense of renewed confidence

    A Coaching Approach to learning has many Positive Benefits

  • Adults seek out learning opportunities to deal better with life-changing events. Coaching aids learning by helping you to see how your perception affects your behaviour
  • The more life-changing events people encounter, the more they will seek out learning opportunities. Coaching begins with what is already known so that you can move more easily into new areas and solutions.
  • Many adults see learning as a means to an end, not as something to be done for its own sake. Coaching enables you to fit new information and experience into a familiar context and so improve your situation.
  • Making the learning experience enjoyable helps to maintain motivation. Coaching is action-orientated and enjoyable. Because the brain has to think of its own answers as a result of the incisive questions used in the coaching process, you retain much more. You can also start to apply new ways of learning, thinking and being immediately.


  • By following a coaching programme, you can transform IQ into EQ
  • By focusing on the behaviour, feeling and emotions in a situation or organisation you can develop an understanding of the true culture of that organisation
  • By thinking through all the aspects and personalities in a situation (including your own) you can improve working relationships, enhance your networking skills, create better team work, make better use of people, skills and resources, and overcome frustrations
  • By spending time on specific issues through coaching, you can improve your performance in presentations, interviews, lectures and negotiations
  • By gaining a full understanding of your values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours, and those of your group or company, you can relate better to the people with whom you come into contact, making your life and theirs happier and more productive.


  • Realising real and tangible benefits from Improved Performance, Clearer and Improved Quality of Thinking, Faster Personal Development and Better Relationships and Interpersonal Benefits, will improve your energy levels and the energy of the groups of which you are a part.
  • The old saying 'there's nothing like success to breed success' works here. There's nothing like overcoming barriers, seeing the future with clarity and working well together, to boost the energy of everyone and make life exciting and fun


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