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About Me

I have an MBA from Cranfield School of Management and I am a chartered accountant. I am also a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

I spent 30 years in corporate life working in both manufacturing and service industries. I held senior finance positions, was managing director of a manufacturing company and then moved into formulating and implementing corporate and business strategies. I have been responsible for negotiating over two hundred acquisitions, joint ventures and disposals; evaluating, constructing and nurturing new ventures; and running a unique, in-house management development program for highly qualified people on fast-track promotion paths.

I completed my corporate life as Director of Group Business Development at the Rank Group plc. I lecture at Cranfield School of Management and in industry on practical aspects of successful M&A (merger and acquisition) strategies, and coach individuals and businesses on putting deals together and on M&A processes.

My training and experience in corporate life together with my qualification and studies in behavioural subjects and coaching provide a solid basis for my work as an executive and personal energy coach. I work with individuals and groups to help them get what they want out of life by combining improvement in the quality of their thinking with renewing the vitality with which they approach life.

I facilitate individuals, groups, meetings and conferences to think for themselves (without the limitations of past experience, conditioning, convention, discrimination, and prejudice), to produce the breakthrough thinking that is the foundation for them to define and achieve their personal and group goals.

I am currently leading a project which is introducing coaching to the alumni body of the Cranfield School of Management.

I am a senior consultant with Time To Think Inc and highly experienced in the application and development of Thinking Environment work. I lecture and run courses on the use and application of this powerful model.

'Alan's training and experience as an accountant, his MBA and subsequent work in strategy and deal formulation all blend with his training and experience in behavioural work to enable him to bring a well-balanced mixture of powerful intellect, honed logic and deeply empathic and creative thinking to his coaching work.'
JM, Executive Coach

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