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'I found my coaching session with you invaluable. I am already using the techniques you told me about and they are working famously. I have even caught myself humming at work! Thank you for the coaching session, it really has changed the way I look at and cope with things, for the better.'
SA, London.

'I have longed believed that coaching is an invaluable and empowering skill and Alan embodies all that is good about it. He balanced challenge and support , asking some very searching but pertinent questions. The fact that he let me chose if I answered these tough questions, gave me the courage to do so. He shares sufficient about himself that it feels like a meeting of equals, yet keeps the focus firmly on the coaching agenda.
In a few short meetings I managing to turn an unhappy experience into a positive series of goals and a sense of optimism and pride. Like any professional he had an expectation that I would work to help myself, but helped me find the energy to do all that and more.
A personal thanks for helping me along my own journey and revitalising my own coaching skills at the same time. '
Jennie Shaw - AstraZeneca.

'I feel that things are moving along more easily and I am handling conflicts much better than before. My energy levels are up and my outlook more positive. I'll keep up the continuous practice of techniques to maintain my moving in the right direction.'
GC, MBA, GC Consulting Ltd.

'I have found my coaching sessions with Alan very useful indeed in regaining focus.'
Tom Hickman MBA, West Sussex.

'Alan was highly recommended by a friend who, like Alan, has an MBA from Cranfield - as one of the best coaches she has had dealings with. Although I had never had any coaching before I was really struggling with my own career challenge. I was modestly successful, but really wanted to break out into general management and the next level of challenge and was finding it very hard to do.
Through his sessions, and by probing and asking the right questions, Alan got me to find the solutions within myself, focus on the positive and my goals and at the same time eliminate all the things that were holding me back. As a nice by-product I find that I am now more or less constantly running at a very high energy level and have re-found my trademark confidence and resilience that I thought I had lost through the challenging period over the last 2-3 years. Incidentally I got the offer to run a division of a UK PLC within a couple of months of my first session and I am very much looking forward to the future.
I would recommend Alan's services wholeheartedly.'
Dan Mutadich MBA (INSEAD)
Sainsbury Management Fellow.


' The techniques presented in the Thinking Environment Workshop are highly effective in the pursuit of clear thinking, which in turn assists personal visioning and issue resolution. Alan Frost conveys these techniques in a way that individuals rapidly understand and can apply them in their organisations, relationships with others and life in general.'
Kuldip Reyatt, Strategic Leadership Coach – Strategic Visioning Partners.

'I found the Thinking Environment workshop an eye-opener to facilitating current and future relationships both inside and outside the workplace. I fully intend to incorporate it into "who I am" to augment my interpersonal skills. I am eager to apply the Thinking Environment in my new career.'
Richard Norris, MBA.

'A brilliant day that has permanently changed for the better the way I deal with people and issues.'
JD, Executive and Business Coach.

'I very much enjoyed the session, which was stimulating and thought-provoking, and I have been able to use the ideas in my coaching practice to good effect.'
JM, Executive Coach, AGC Consultants Ltd.


'The Thinking Environment freed the potential in me and my organisation.'

'Alan's friendly yet very professional approach provides an excellent environment in which to learn; his passion for the Thinking Environment is inspiring.'
FG, Business West.

'This course showed me a whole new and highly effective way for me to manage me and my company; the Thinking Environment helps us to recognise and clear the blocks to our progress, and opens our minds to new and exciting opportunities.'
EmcF, CEO.


'This made me focus on a more productive use of my energy. It made me realise how much energy I give away.'
PD, Consultant, Huntingdon.

Prior to the Personal Energy Management Programme I didn't feel I had that much control over my energy levels and that they could easily be affected by others. I was somewhat sceptical of the programme but nevertheless could see the benefits of having more energy so with some apprehension I signed up.
Alan's enthusiasm for the subject is infectious. I learned a lot about my own energy and some very useful tools to raise it. I put these into immediate effect with astonishingly great results. I left the workshop full of vigour and through the tools Alan got us to use, now have meetings with people who previously drained my energy and my energy stays high. This is good for me and I also get better results from my meetings. Instead of going home each day exhausted I now have the energy to enjoy my free time.
I would definitely recommend this programme to anyone who is looking for more balance and vitality in their lives.'
Vivien Harrington MBA, Director of Alumni Relations,
Cranfield Management Association, Cranfield School of Management.

'I really enjoyed Alan's workshop, and I put many of the ideas into practice as soon as I got home – to wonderful effect.'
JM, Personal Image Consultant, Cambridgeshire.

'I felt my energy reserves fill up, and they stayed that way.'
JD, Business Coach, London.

'If you're looking for simple, elegant techniques to keep your personal energy levels up and moving, then I wholeheartedly recommend Alan Frost's energy programme. Alan obviously practices what he preaches, knows his stuff and how to get it across. There was no theoretical preaching or vague gobbledygook – just a mine of practical ideas that really work. In fact, the whole day was inspiring. I came away positively buzzing and the next day tackled a huge, exhausting job I'd been putting off for weeks. The sense of achievement was fantastic! I'm still getting benefits from the day, and have every intention of going on another of his workshops.'
Jane Howitt, Copywriter and Editor, Sale, Cheshire.

A day of the PEP programme is time well spent to give a boost to your energy levels. You will have time to think about what lifts and drains your energy. The day is also full of ideas to take away and use to help keep you on top form. I leave the folder from the day on my desk to remind me of all the tips and techniques I learnt.'
Dr Pauline Weight, MBA,
Senior Lecturer and Director Full-time MBA Programme,
Cranfield School of Management, UK.

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