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The partner to Quality Thinking in The Buzz for Life is Energy Awareness.

People achieve goals more easily when their thinking is of the highest quality and when their energy levels are at their peak. Teams are more productive, meetings and conferences far more effective.

To get your energy levels at their peak and to keep them there, you need to know what raises your energy and what drains it. You can then make sure your energy is topped up when you want or need to be at your best.

Positive personal energy is our sense of vitality and eagerness for getting on with the task in hand. Whether at work, at home or at play, when we feel a buzz and sense of wellbeing we can breeze through things and be highly productive.

Negative personal energy, however, has the opposite effect. When the energy we feel or send out is oppressive, unhappy and stressed, we become sluggish and ineffective. Life is truly a drag.

With energy coaching you will discover how to lift your personal energy levels and keep them fully charged.

Energy coaching with The Buzz for Life can be one-to-one (usually combined with a coaching programme),

or by attending THE ENERGY PROGRAMME read more


Your energy is affected by the space around you. The room you work in; the energy in your home; the environment outside your office or house – all have an effect on the way you feel and the amount of energy you expend in keeping going.

The Buzz for Life offers some simple, practical and very effective coaching about the environment in which you live and how you can change things for the better for you and the people around you.

Contact Alan Frost at enquiries@thebuzzforlife.com for a no-strings discussion about how ENERGY COACHING FOR YOUR ENVIRONMENT could benefit you.

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