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Energy Workshops

Vitality and effectiveness through personal energy management.

Positive personal energy is our sense of vitality and eagerness for getting on with the task in hand. Whether at work, at home or at play, when we feel a buzz and sense of wellbeing we can breeze through things and be highly productive.

Negative personal energy, however, has the opposite effect. When the energy we feel or send out is oppressive, unhappy and stressed, we become sluggish and ineffective. Life is truly a drag.

With THE ENERGY PROGRAMME you will discover how to lift your personal energy levels and keep them fully charged.

Did you know:

  • That your energy levels are affected by your surroundings and your relationships?
  • That there are 'Energy Robbers' who just drain away your positive energy?
  • That the most important energy drainers and lifters are your own thoughts and feelings?
  • That you can keep your personal energy levers lifted whenever you need to, especially when you have to face energy drainers?

THE ENERGY PROGRAMME gives you all the control you need. It gives you practical ways of improving your energy and the energy of your surroundings. That means you and your organisation can regain the vitality that is the basis of unbeatable competitive advantage. And it shows you how to break free of the downward energy-drain spirals in your life, and how to fill your work and leisure days with vigour and enthusiasm.


  • Introduction to energy and awareness of your own experiences.
  • Understanding your own energy.
  • Experiencing and interpreting other people's energy and the energy of your surroundings.
  • Getting energy flowing.
  • What drains energy and what lifts it.
  • Music, movement and stillness and their effect on energy.
  • Raising energy and keeping it lifted – all day, every day.
  • How to improve the energy of people around you.
  • Having vibrant meetings.


THE ENERGY PROGRAMME is held in beautiful surroundings that lift the mind, enhance the spirit and top up your energy levels.

We use the Thinking Environment™ thinking model throughout, with many practical exercises and examples.

You leave with knowledge of your own energy profile and with many techniques. You can use these straight away to change your life and the life of your organisation for the better.

For more information and to book on this workshop call Alan Frost on 01780 782 734 or e-mail him at enquiries@thebuzzforlife.com



'This made me focus on a more productive use of my energy. It made me realise how much energy I give away.'
PD, Consultant, Huntingdon.

'I really enjoyed Alan's workshop, and I put many of the ideas into practice as soon as I got home – to wonderful effect.'
JM, Personal Image Consultant, Cambridgeshire.

'I felt my energy reserves fill up, and they stayed that way.'
JD, Business Coach, London

'If you're looking for simple, elegant techniques to keep your personal energy levels up and moving, then I wholeheartedly recommend Alan Frost's energy programme. Alan obviously practices what he preaches, knows his stuff and how to get it across. There was no theoretical preaching or vague gobbledygook – just a mine of practical ideas that really work. In fact, the whole day was inspiring. I came away positively buzzing and the next day tackled a huge, exhausting job I'd been putting off for weeks. The sense of achievement was fantastic! I'm still getting benefits from the day, and have every intention of going on another of his workshops.'
Jane Howitt, Copywriter and Editor, Sale, Cheshire

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