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An executive, business and personal Energy Coach, I work with individuals and groups, helping them discover how to keep their energy up and their thinking clear.

The results are formidable. People achieve goals more easily when their thinking is of the highest quality and when their energy levels are at their peak. Teams are more productive, meetings and conferences far more effective.

How it works

The quality of our thinking determines the quality of our lives. Because it's not what happens to us that shapes our lives, but the way we THINK about what happens to us.

Or, to put it another way: what we think is what we get.

High Quality Thinking + Positive Energy = Optimum Performance

  1. Everything we do is affected by the quality of our thinking
  2. We know that the quality of our thinking is massively affected by the quality of other people's listening
  3. So I provide high quality attention so that you can open your mind to what you really think
  4. That is why I combine a model for improving the quality of thinking with techniques for increasing positive energy.

The Buzz for LIFE

The thinking model I use is the Thinking Environment™ which helps people think for themselves.

This is very unusual. Without realising it, many of us spend time thinking what we believe we ought to think or what we think other people believe we should think.

So it's not surprising that even when we achieve our goals, it can be anticlimax or a disappointment. But that's just because we don't actually think for ourselves – our goals were not ours to start with.

And our biggest energy drain? More often than not, it's not knowing what we want.

Which creates a vicious circle: We don't know what we want because we're not thinking straight and for ourselves – that drains our energy and stops us thinking clearly – and that makes it easier to think we should do what others think we should do . . . and on, and on, and round and round.

So in Energy Coaching we start by checking it out – are your goals yours, or do they just reflect someone else's beliefs and aspirations? Your family's? Or your company's? Or your culture's?

We get rid of the blocks that stand in our way

  • When we are able to think for ourselves
  • When we remove untrue assumptions about ourselves and the way the world works
  • When our personal energy is at its strongest

Combine knowing what you want with the energy to get there and you have:

The Buzz for LIFE

which will enhance and change your life forever.

Our alliance

I believe that my job is to:

  • provide high quality listening – undivided attention
  • lubricate your thinking
  • get you to bring your own awareness and responsibility into your life

I believe that your role is to:

  • make your own moves towards your own awareness
  • take responsibility for your thoughts, goals and actions
  • become committed to becoming your best self

I believe that our alliance will give you The Buzz for LIFE.

My combination of Quality Thinking and Energy Awareness gives you a unique experience at coaching's leading edge, enabling you to take control of your circumstances rather than being driven by them – and it works.


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